Welcome to to the Blue Moon Academy.
Our aim is to help more people become heart-centered so that our world leans towards compassion and love as its bottom line.

These top quality courses reveal some of the best spiritual wisdom out there & they are FUN! Learning doesn't have to be boring and shouldn't be. That's why our courses offer educational yet humorous videos, fun activities, and engaging and helpful resources.


 Animal Healing and Care with T-Touch

Learn to deepen your bond with your companion animal and learn specific techniques based on the Tellington Touch. Learn helpful tips for common physical and behavioral problems. This course with Kim Todd includes heart-warming case studies and their healing modalities.

Chakras 101

In this mini-workshop (less than an hour of video), Melinda gives you an introduction to your Chakras. This is a quick and fun introduction to chakras with videos, a cartoon, a meditation, and a handout with resources and discussion questions. The whole course may take you an hour or two at the most. It's fun and you can do it with a friend for something different on a Friday night.

How to Be Spiritual At Work

Learn how to apply spiritual and practical principles to your daily routine to help you get out of the grind and into the divine while working! This course will help you get clarity and focus for a better day when your job feels routine, boring and downright hard to handle. You will also learn how to move from surviving a job to thriving on a career path.

Living by the Light of the Moon: How to Use the Moon Book

This course is based upon Beatrex Quntanna's amazing Moon Book which she produces every year following the sun and the moon through the signs of the Zodiac. Buy the book & then follow along in this course to find out how to use it to create magic and abundance in your life.

Tarot: A Universal Language

Experience the amazing interpretation and wisdom behind each and every Tarot Card from Beatrex Quntanna in this deluxe online course with several hours worth of extraordinary insight. High-quality instructional videos, study aids, fun quizzes, and insightful activities are gathered up into this fabulous course. Whether you are on a journey to learn the Tarot for your own enlightenment or whether you want to do Tarot card readings for others, this is the course for you. Beatrex fills the course with her insightful wisdom, funny stories, and deep, anchored knowledge of the Tarot.

The Magic of Dream Healing

We all have the ability to use our dreams as a helpful tool for healing, gaining clarity in our lives and co-creating the life we desire. After years of working with dreams I will share what dreams are and how they can help us navigate through our lives, how to remember your dreams, how to understand and recognize different kinds of dreams, how to work with dreams to gain insight on chronic ailments, emotional issues, clear stuck energy, receive clarification and messages, and receive guidance on your path for the life you dream of. I will also share the best tools to capture your dreams and the process for deciphering and healing by using the content and energy of the dreams that are calling our attention.