How the School Came to Be


The Blue Moon Academy is the vision of Melinda McDonald Pajak. She looked around her community of healers and wisdom teachers and noticed that they were all so different and amazing but shared one thing in common. The work they do is quiet, feminine, and below the surface. It is not something you shout from the rooftops or twirl a sign on a street corner when you go to market it. It's just not suited to that type of treatment. So what is a healer or spiritual teacher to do when he or she wants to get the word out and reach people around the world?

The Blue Moon Academy can amplify the volume of this quiet work when many teachers come together in one location sharing their light for all to see. The light shines so brightly that prospective students can find us among the throngs of humanity on the Internet. We're waving our flag and saying we are here and when our voices join together, it is a much more effective call.

This is the reason that the Blue Moon Academy was born and will now grow and thrive. More of this divine feminine wisdom needs to be shared and absorbed so that balance can come to this planet. Please join in sharing our site with others who may be interested in the wisdom this vessel contains. We thank you in advance.