Blue Moon Instructors

The Blue Moon Academy prides itself on finding the best wisdom teachers around. Read more about our wonderful instructors.


Johanna Carroll

Johanna Carroll since age 10 has had a deep intuitive connection to the Universe. Her life turned itself inside out following a divorce in 1983 after which she moved from Connecticut to California after experiencing an epiphany moment on a beach in Mexico. She began to study and develop her natural gifts when this connection to the Divine began to speak to her in a unique and unusual way. After leaving her hospital healthcare career, for the last 30+ years she devotes her life to her international private practice as a spiritual counselor, author, radio host and metaphysical teacher. Johanna is committed to sharing her wisdom with others to improve their lives and embrace joy as a constant condition.



Corinn Giuntoli

Author, intuitive reader, Reiki Master, Dream Healer, speaker, Corinn lives and breathes dreams. Over her 20 years of teaching, her lifetime passion is sharing the tools she’s learned and developed for intuitive healing and dream work. She brings together a beautiful system for navigating our lives by tapping into our dreams. Corinn radiates light and joyful energy in her teachings and inspires participants to use their own wisdom to create happiness for themselves. Corinn lives with her loving husband in Carlsbad, California where she helps people from all over the world with her dream healing sessions, online classes, webinars and events. She teaches Reiki privately and at the Unity Center San Diego.

She is the author of Find Your Extraordinary Love, Creating the Power Partnership of your Dreams, which teaches the magical approach to finding love.



Melinda McDonald Pajak

A Southern California girl born and bred, Melinda received her BA in Psychology from UCLA and then her Master's in Educational Technology/Instructional Design from San Diego State University. Her interest in wisdom and spirituality from around the world has brought her to create this online school for others to begin or continue their spiritual journey. There are many paths and Melinda wants to help others find their way so she is using her instructional design skills to curate wisdom for other seekers like her.



Beatrex Quntanna

Tarot expert, published author, symbolist, poet, lecturer—Beatrex is one of the luminaries of our time. Synthesizing 40 years of spiritual teachings, intuitive skills, and conventional counseling, she translates this wealth of wisdom into practical language making it accessible to all and applicable in today’s world. Known for being “the teacher’s teacher,” her experience and advice has served as an invaluable support for many of today’s spiritual teachers and professional psychics. She guides with profound insight, compassion for the human experience, and humor; inspiring personal growth and activating an inner-knowing in her students that sparks a self-confidence to walk tall in this world as a spiritual being.


Kim Todd

Kim has been working with animals in some capacity for decades. She is a Tellington Touch Practitioner, aromatherapist, author, teacher, speaker, healer and intuitive. Kim has made appearances on "Animal Planet" and has worked with celebrities and their pets. She believes in showing up with her whole heart, tuning in and communicating to the 2-leggeds what their 4-leggeds want/need. Kim is their voice. She has owned a pet sitting business, been the director of operations for a dog daycare business, volunteer at several rehab and humane society facilities, vet tech and vet assistant and bespoke fragrance specialist. Kim's wish is to educate, inspire and bring harmony to all beloved animals and their human companions.

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