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Our mission is to draw in those people who are curious about opening up to a new awareness and introduce them to a heart-centered way of being through various teachings, wisdom, and experiences.

Our Instructors

We are the teachers from our collective past—the shamans of the rainforest, the healers, the herbalists, the Celtic goddesses, the Oracles of Delphi, the heart-centered witches, the ancient Egyptian ceremonialists, the women in the Red Tent, and so on. We have returned to teach again from our hearts, together, and in a new way.

Right now, our instructors are all based out of the area of San Diego, California so that we can support and encourage each other to be our best. Living in the same area gives us a chance to get together in person to mold the Blue Moon Academy into an outstanding school that serves our customers with spiritually uplifting courses presented in the most efficient, effective, and playful ways.

Our Courses

There are many paths to awareness, peaceful living, and heart-centeredness and this is reflected in the courses we provide. All our courses are heart-centered and based in love. They are offered here for your best and highest good. Each course is intuitively guided to come into being in this time and in this place to serve the highest good of all of us. We have strict guidelines on quality, instructor effectiveness, integrity, and the energy of the program.


Our topics may range from Tarot Cards to meditation to developing your intuition to how to create an altar. We may offer courses on creating art and beauty or discovering yoga and breathing. If the topic leads to a more heart-centered way of moving through this world, then we will offer it.

Why Melinda

Melinda McDonald Pajak received her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology/Instructional Design over 20 years ago and has been working in the field since then developing everything from educational videogames for kids to CD-ROM training for Honda Financial Managers to web sites teaching people how to use their phones and fill out their taxes. Her most recent position was at UCSD Extension where she taught instructors how to teach their courses online. The online program went from 0 courses online to over 500 during Melinda’s employment there. Now she wants to use this knowledge and experience to help lightworkers share their spiritual wisdom and knowledge with learners far and wide. The world needs us to all come forward and share what we know and the online world presents a golden opportunity for doing this effectively and efficiently for huge amounts of learners. Melinda is here to guide the lightworkers to share their knowledge in ways that will be well received and where the instruction will be of the highest quality.