As a service for our students, we want to offer you inspirational products to further you on your journey. Right now, these items are offered on several different web sites. We are working to offer them all from one location but until then...enjoy.




Living by the Light of the Moon (2018)

Beatrex Quntanna

Following the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, through the zodiac and noting the cycles of illumination and reflection can bring you to a deeper creative experience of life. The Moon is the great cosmic architect, the builder and dissolver of form and foundation. The Full Moon is about dissolving, and the New Moon is about building. The Moon Book is a workbook that will assist you in knowing what to build and when, and what to dissolve and when.

Tarot: A Universal Language

Beatrex Quntanna

Learn how to quickly read and interpret the Tarot by following this simple, informative, and illustrated guide. Embark on this fascinating journey through the unfolding Story of Life as told by the Universal Language of the Tarot. This book contains innovative avenues to understand the Tarot through the author’s in-depth knowledge of symbology.

Find Your Extraordinary Love: Creating the Power Partnership of Your Dreams

Corinn Giuntoli

This intuitively innovative book is filled with powerful techniques to bring you your new love. From heart healing to powerfully raising your vibration to love, you will want to share these steps with everyone you know. This book will help you:
• Heal your heart, energetically opening you to receive love
• Satisfy that urge you have to meet your beloved
• Accept the love that is your birthright
• Manifest your dream relationship with ease and fun
Are you ready?

Be the Dolphin: How to Live A Heart-Centered Life

Melinda McDonald Pajak

What comes before mindfulness? What do you need to look at before you can even settle down to be mindful? Melinda McDonald Pajak points out the true importance of energy awareness and management in her new book, Be the Dolphin. The author sets forth a framework for understanding yourself and others in terms of energy that changes your life from the moment you hear it. You cannot go back to how you used to see things. Your understanding of energy and how this affects your everyday relationships sharpens and expands at the same time. The insight of the three energy types—the shark, the carp, and the dolphin—opens you up to a new path of flow, joy, and playfulness that you have simply forgotten.


Tarot Jewelry

Jennifer Masters

Fantastic earrings and necklaces to help bring the power of Tarot to your everyday jewelry. Needing to feel the power of the Star Card? Get a handmade necklace imbued with magic. All handmade in the USA.




Spirituality on a String

Beatrex Quntanna

Creative masterpieces with power and beauty in each individualized piece handmade in Encinitas, CA.

PureEnergy RX presents...Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep Spray cleans any kind of negative energy. Tangible energetic emanations linger in the environment from all kinds of sources, including distress and suffering, illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult relationships, and negative thinking--as well as from electrical devices, such televisions, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and wi-fi. Few people are aware of the fact that negative energetic emanations can affect healing time, state of mind, family dynamics, and mental focus.